Manage your sport activities

iQO2, the world’s most advanced training software, makes it easier to push your performance to another level and achieve your goals. It is designed to meet your needs and makes it easy to stay in close contact with your coach.

Track and analyze

Analyze workouts and races with graphs. Get clear cut information about the training load, heart rate, power, speed,... Zoom in and out on details and mark areas of interests.

Train right

Determine your optimal training intensities. We offer you different methods to calculate your personal running, cycling and swimming training zones, matching every kind of athlete: from starting recreational to professional elite endurance.

Work together with your personal coach

Stay connected. Stop sending emails back and forth with data files and training schedules... Our coaching platform is a perfect way to communicate and share content with your personal coach.

Plan future activities

The calendar is provided with a whole training plan system. Periodize your season, target the goals, plan training sessions into the smallest details, add important events like injuries or illness,... and adjust your planning if necessary.

Periodic views

Smarter ways to look at numbers. iQO2 gives you a dynamic method to monitor changes over time. Make sure you push yourself to the optimal training load/intensity at the right time in order to reach your goals.

Power analysis

Using real-time power data, you can measure your actual performance level. Discover the best peak efforts of your last workout and compare them with other rides. Monitor your last month's critical power and compare it with your all-times best efforts.

Go mobile

Enjoy your favorite iQO2 features on your Android or iPhone too. This free companion app will sync with your iQO2 account. View your calendar, current training zones, and input your body metrics.

iQO2 training plans

Customizable 8 to 24-week running, cycling and triathlon plans designed to improve your performance. Get guidance and choose the training plan that suits your individual needs. Athletes who follow a personalized plan to the end have a better chance to achieve their goals.