One tool, many features for all your sport activities

Better training starts with a better tool. Enter sport lab tests, plan workouts, design a season plan, analyze device data of workouts and races. iQO2 offers athletes and coaches all the features needed to optimize performance. Discover our full feature list below.

Free Edition Athlete Edition Coach Edition
Training zone calculation
Determine sport-specific training zones for running, cycling or swimming.
Training intensity calculator
Define training zones based on a Cooper fitness test result.
Sport lab test
Define training zones based on a lactate or ergospirometry test result. (only for coach contact)
Critical swim speed
Define training zones based on a 2-distance swim test without lactate measurement.
Functional threshold
Define training zones based on workout or race data of your cycling power or running speed device.
Training planning
Period/Event items
Draw up a complete season plan with training cycles and flag important events and competition periods.
Plan future workouts
Plan your future workouts day-by-day into the smallest details and control the training load volume and intensity while planning.
Workout builder & library
Bring your own training philosophy into iQO2. Build your own library of favorite workouts and use this for easy drag and drop planning for one or more athletes.
Create your own training plans
Build your own training plans and use these plans for easy drag and drop planning for one or more athletes.
iQO2 demo library
View the iQO2 demo library to get started with the Training Builder to build your personal library.
Upload workouts to iQO2
Multi-training device upload
Add training data from the most currently used training devices on the market.
Files & manual
Extract data files from manufacturer's software or add workouts manually when having technical training device issues.
Link your account
Upload workouts from Garmin Connect, Polar Flow and STRAVA.
Workout analytics
History overview & Workout details
Quick and comprehensive overview of all added workouts. Anayze workout details with graphs.
Training zones distribution
If you want to make progress, make sure you follow the planned instructions. Keep track of the planned vs. executed training zones distribution.
Create views & Automatic device intervals
Mark areas of interest for further analysis or visualize intervals marked on your training device.
Profile analysis
Analyze the gradient ranges of your workouts or races and study your climbing capacity, climbing cadence and heart rate behaviour during climbs.
Cadence analysis
Analyze cadence ranges and time spend not pedaling in race situations. Technical riders can save energy that way.
Advanced workout analytics
Heart rate zones over time
Use this great analytic to study your heart rate respons during interval workouts.
Power/speed over time
Analyze your capacity to push yourself to the limit during repitive high-effort intervals.
Heart rate/Performance
Analyze the relation between your heart rate and your performance. When your aerobic capacity improves, it will take less effort to produce more power/speed.
Functional threshold
Use real-time field data to determine your anaerobic threshold and your actual performance level.
Compare workouts
Compare workouts and pinpoint top performances, fatigue and potential overtraining.
Sport Lab Tests
View the graphs, tables, notes and evaluations of a lactate or ergospirometry test entered by your coach.
Perform lactate tests and diagnostics. iQO2 is provided with a professional sport lab system to simplify the input of all kind of lactate test protocols. Use different lactate models to calculate the aerobic and anaerobic threshold.
Periodic views
Body metrics
Keep track of essential body metrics such as weight, fat %, rest pulse and analyze them over a selected period.
Training load & Multi-sports distribution
Analyze your training load. If you want to make progression, make sure you train enough (but not to much) and that you train right (at the correct training intensity).
Planned vs. Executed
Compare planned workouts with information of the uploaded data from your workouts to get you ahead.
Profile analysis
Analyze your climbing training load. Make sure you train enough kilometers and altimeters in higher gradient ranges to prepare your body for climbing races.
Power profile
Analyze the relation between your peak powers to find out what kind of cyclist you are.
Peak performance analysis
Keep track of your peak performances over a selected period and learn more about your weaknesses and strenghts.
Critical power & anaerobic capacity analysis
Create multiple exhaustive views during races and high-intensity workouts and learn more about your critical power and anaerobic capacity.
Metabolic cost
Analyze subjective and objective training load data to determine periods of optimal fitness, overreaching, fatigue and potential overtraining.
Compare periods
Compare different periods and monitor development over time.
Athlete - Coach connection
Use iQO2 with a connected coach
Based on the type of athlete license, a connected coach has different coaching possibilities. Learn more.
Athlete management
Create free trial athlete accounts
Create 30-days free trial athlete accounts and add them to your coach account.
Link existing athlete accounts
Connect athlete accounts to your coach account. The request is send by the athlete or coach, but the connection will appear on hold until both accepts the request.
Organize athletes
Group athletes into different categories. This enables efficient monitoring of teams and event-coaching of companies.
The central dashboard offers you an overview of all trainingactivities of your athletes and allows efficient monitoring and direct support and feedback.
Product support from iQO2
iQO2 Help center
Search our help articles or simply enter some keywords regarding your question.
E-mail support
Submit a ticket and describe what you need help with. Our support team will answer your questions and help you out.
Launch guidance
A one-hour Skype call per coach with one of our Customer success Team Members to make sure you are getting the most out of iOQ2.

Flexible pricing according to your needs

Whether you are an endurance athlete, coach, team or sport federation, iQO2 has flexible pricing plans for you. We offer 3, 6 and 12 month plans which are payable after your 30 days free trial.

  Free Edition Athlete Edition Coach Edition
Price per month
3-month license Free 10 28
6-month license Free 9 24
12-month license Free 8 20
Pricing includes 21% VAT.