Better coaching starts with a better tool

Focus on your athletes. iQO2 brings your coaching work into one place: perform sport lab tests, plan workouts, design a season plan, analyze device data of workouts and races. You'll have amazing features to optimize your athlete's performance. Your coaching platform is a perfect way to communicate with your customers.

Coaching possibilities

Whether your customers are recreational or professional athletes, iQO2 makes your work more efficient, matching every coaching service: from one-time lactate testing, over an event-based training plan, to day-to-day personal coaching.

Manage your business

Create new athlete accounts or add athletes with an existing account to your coach account. Organize your athletes into categories: sort them by level, sport-discipline, team, age, ...

Notify training activities

The coaching dashboard shows you an overview of the activities of connected athletes and allows efficient monitoring and direct feedback. Use these insights to build a powerful one-to-one coaching relationship.

Analyze performance

Get a clear picture of the fitness level of your athletes. Analyze data, field tests, workouts and crucial parts of races. This will help you to make strategic planning decisions and get a balanced athlete to the start of every race.

Lactate testing

The iQO2 coach software is provided with lactate analysis to determine aerobic and anaerobic threshold values. Perform classic indoor test courses on an ergometer or a treadmill, field tests on the 400m track, step tests in the swimming pool, ...

Plan workouts

Bring your own training philosophy to iQO2. The training builder is a tool to build your own libraries of workouts and training plans into the smallest details. You can use these libraries to drag and drop planning in the athlete's calendar.

Prevent overtraining

The optimal amount of training for a given athlete is a common problem coaches are faced with. iQO2 helps you to fine-tune training programs based on scientific analysis of training load and changes in performance.

Work together

Share your skills and knowledge with other coaches. iQO2 facilitates and improves on the collaboration aspects of a multi-disciplinary team. Contact us and learn how to organize your training center, team or sport federation.

You are a test center, professional team or sport federation?

Each coach, test center, professional team or federation has different needs and expectations. So we analyze the challenges you’re faced with and we'll discuss with you how iQO2 can help you to achieve your goals. Simply fill in the form and we will contact you personally.

Tailor-made solutions